There’s No Crying in ID Signage

By: Emily Gorka

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“There’s so many people and so many signs; I think I’m going to roll up into a ball and cry.”

That’s the sentiment an overwhelmed client once relayed while discussing Identification Signs for a 50,000 square-foot office facility their architectural firm was responsible for designing. They described the stress of having to organize every sign needed for each employee and their workspace. Spelling the employee’s name correctly and placing it on the appropriate office on the appropriate floor of the building is a daunting task. Or is it?

Worry not. Part of any good sign management project involves tackling all aspects of signage and figuring out automated solutions. There are a lot of options available in today’s market, and the best signage vendors know how to take as much work off the client’s plate as possible.

Modular ID sign systems are a two-pronged solution to the office sign plating problem. They offer a permanent fixture that looks upscale, contemporary, and sleek, with the flexibility of a removable/replaceable name card. The name card is inserted into the sign plate and then protected by an acrylic cover. It’s a striking design that is easily adjusted in the event of a position change or office move.

Forward thinking vendors can also take advantage of an online sign portal to support signage for the life of the building. Should a name or room change, tenants can simply access the support website, log in to see their building, and create a new name plate live online. Once they are happy with the layout they can download a print-ready PDF and print the name themselves to update the ID sign.

The days are gone where it was enough to just drop a spreadsheet with a chunk of names and floor numbers in the client’s lap. The pace of business is too fast for that, and it’s only getting faster. Don’t get bogged down with overly complicated or outdated systems.

When faced with our dismayed client, we were happy to alleviate their concerns by letting them know that it’s simple to accomplish a functional and beautiful identification sign project when you have the right tools and assistance in front of you.

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