Prepare Your Business for the Augmented Reality Boom

By: Chris Hanlon

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Don’t get left behind. If your current marketing plan doesn’t include Augmented Reality (AR) in one execution or many you just may find yourself wondering why your competitors are generating more interest in the coming months. Both Apple and Google have updated their mobile operating systems to fully integrate Augmented Reality tools for creators and users.

See your products and signage animate right before your eyes, creating memorable experiences, extolling their own virtues, and delivering valuable promotions right at the point of purchase — or just about anywhere you can imagine!

AR allows for consumers to engage with brands like never before

  1. Products will come alive right on the shelf to explain their benefits and make the case for purchase
  2. Retail chains will gain access to a powerful new way to connect with their customers, significantly increasing
    the chance of a sale
  3. Potential customers will linger longer at the point of purchase and experience an increase in moments and
    types of interaction, improving the likelihood of a sale

Every successful project starts with a little detective work. Our team reviews the space, the trigger (or product placement), and the desired interaction before we dive into creation. Augmented Reality works best when it’s staged properly, so we study the best way to achieve your goals and the need to build data collection into the system from the start. We encourage all clients to strongly consider a coupon and/or click-through option for their AR experiences, both to provide an incentive to the user and to collect consumer insights that help refine your strategy.

AR isn’t just a game or novelty. It’s providing forms of meaningful interaction that traditional advertising deliverables can’t. It is quickly becoming the hottest technology in marketing for creating memorable, data-rich experiences that reliably convert sales.

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