Don’t Waste Time and Money Hiring Someone to Oversee Your Signage Management Until You Read This

By: Emily Gorka

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Your signage needs can be burdensome. They take time, smart planning, manpower, and, of course, proper budgeting. Sometimes the right decision is to free up your internal resources by relying on an outside agency or production management firm. Graphic management can consume almost twenty hours a week in coordination tasks for you and your associates. Hiring another employee may be the answer, but in most cases it is impractical when you really dive into the costs.

  • Signage management takes time out of your day to interview and hire, time better spent generating revenue
  • Even the most experienced new hires need onboarding, training, and time to acclimate to your company
  • New hires are expensive when you account for salary, benefits, and time-off

Signage plays a key role in the revenue stream of many companies and organizations. If it’s mismanaged, a serious dent can be left in the bottom line. In those cases, reaching out to an agency or a signage management firm just makes good sense. You get access to an entire team of specialists for less than the cost of hiring a single new employee — specialists that elevate your brand appeal and help you put your best foot forward.

We look at signage management as a holistic program. Too often, companies consider their signage needs as individual projects, which deprives them of the many benefits of a coordinated brand scheme. When meeting new clients, we review all of the printed materials and signage they are currently producing to get a high-level sense of what their “look” is. Next we hold a workshop and ask the key stakeholders in the organization to review their aesthetic and assign a hierarchy of importance to the graphics. This process makes abundantly clear the areas where designs can be updated. From there, we create a brand guide for signage that establishes the rules for printing moving forward, limiting the possibility of rogue expenditures.

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