Bring Your Brand Experience to Life

By: Chris Hanlon

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Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology already built into smartphones that overlays digital information right onto the real world. Traditional retail environments can be unintuitive and unengaging, and today’s consumer is demanding more. To compete with a growing ecommerce marketplace, smart brands are merging the digital and physical worlds, bringing the best of both to their customers.

All it takes is a few clicks on a smartphone and your products and signage will animate right before your customers’ eyes. Onlookers will gasp with delight and amazement as static images spring into motion to explain their own features and deliver valuable promotions right at the point of purchase.

Reasons/Ideas: AR brings the advantages of efficient and adaptable digital platforms to physical spaces in a captivating and memorable interactive format:

  1. Create Moving Brand Experiences: Products come alive right on the shelf to speak to customers, explain their benefits, and make the case for purchase.
  2. Connect with Your Customer: Retail chains can leverage a powerful new way to interact with their customers, while simultaneously gaining valuable metrics to study engagement levels — information that is vital to refining and improving the sales process.
  3. Drive Conversions with Differentiation: When engaging with AR, potential customers linger longer at the point of purchase and experience an increase in moments and types of interaction, improving the likelihood of a sale.

Our Approach

Every successful project starts with significant research and preplanning. Our team reviews the space, the trigger (or product placement), and the desired interaction before we dive into creation. We investigate the optimal AR staging to achieve your goals and always consider the need to build data collection into the system from the start. We also examine opportunities for coupon and/or click-through option for all AR experiences, both to provide an incentive to the user and to collect consumer insights that help sharpen your strategy.

The AR revolution is happening and it’s already proving to be an incredible tool for creating meaningful interactions that traditional advertising deliverables can’t. It is quickly becoming the hottest technology in marketing for creating memorable, data-rich experiences that reliably convert sales. Don’t sit on the sidelines and let your retail space slowly become obsolete, augment it and activate your brand experience!

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