3D Models Maximize the Impact of Your Signage Installations

By: Emily Gorka

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Virtual 3D worlds today are so lifelike that they sometimes feel like the real thing, and they offer so many advantages over traditional 2D architectural renderings that they are quickly becoming an industry standard. Technology is creating levels of accessibility and interactivity that were once the stuff of science fiction. 3D models are now readily available that seamlessly transport the viewer into virtual environments, creating a sense of space, proportionality, and presence that a flat rendering can’t hope to achieve.

Beyond simulating the feel of a room or outdoor space, 3D models can be tools for up-selling and closing deals

  1. Show off the potential of an empty space: If you are trying to lease, sell, or design a property,
    3D models can add furniture and room/office build-outs virtually to illustrate smart uses for the space
  2. Create multiple examples to taste: Models allow you to take one space and adapt it to multiple styles of taste,
    increasing the appeal to multiple buyers
  3. Record virtual tour videos: Screenshots can be exported for printed marketing materials, and videos taking
    the viewer into the space as if they were actually in the location are perfect for websites

Our process starts with a twenty minute workshop where we review the architectural plans and identify the general needs for the space. Next, we set up a work session to demonstrate the initial structure and begin to add brand elements and fine details. It’s critical to have client input at this juncture as no one knows your offering better than you. The final product is a functional 3D model that allows you to dive in and explore the space with unprecedented freedom.

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